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This concert features a diverse set of incredibly interesting and inspiring works for band, centered around David Maslanka's short masterpiece for winds, "Give Us This Day." For this concert, we're so fortunate to feature the Affton High School Concert Band as our guest ensemble. They are led by Mr. Ryan Lupka, who has assembled an engaging program to add to UMSLWE's. Thank you for being with us this evening, and enjoy the concert

- Dr. David Wacyk 

Affton HS Concert Band 

Jaime Texidor  Amparito Roca

This Spanish pasodoble march was written by Spanish bandleader and composer Jaime Texidor. The introduction and first strain are indicative of a bullfighter’s music, whereas the gentle, lighthearted trio section takes on the character of a couples dance, evoking the other essential element of the pasodoble. The powerful brass in the dogfight (bullfight), and the tutti texture of the maestoso section bring this piece to a grand conclusion.

DIMITRI SHOSTAKOVICH  Waltz no. 2 from Suite for Variety Stage Orchestra

The Suite for Variety Orchestra  (circa 1956) is a suite in eight movements by Dmitri Shostakovich. The work consists of a collection of movements which derive from other works by the composer. For many years the Suite for Variety Orchestra was misidentified as the lost Suite for Jazz Orchestra No. 2 (1938), a different work in three movements that was lost during World War II. 

MIKE KAMUF  Derivations

After a mysterious introduction, this original work takes off with contrasting themes in both 4/4 and 3/4. Bold melodies, contemporary harmonies, and driving percussion combine to create a perfect opening or closing selection for your next concert or festival performance. Relentless! 

UMSL Wind Ensemble  


The title of the work, taken from a short poem by R. H. Grenville, speaks of hope and new beginnings. The bird represents an institution, ready to soar to new heights. Musically, Joy is a Bird is set as a fanfare for wind ensemble. This celebratory piece highlights melodic ideas that rise, fly, and soar. The strong and steady beat throughout signifies hard work and dedication. The second half of the piece, in a faster tempo and full of flare, celebrates new beginnings, innovation, inspiration, diversity, and unity. 


The composer writes

The words "give us this day" are, of course, from the Lord's Prayer, but the inspiration for this music is Buddhist. I have recently read a book by the Vietnamese Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh (pronounced "Tick Not Hahn") entitled For a Future to be Possible. His premise is that a future for the planet is only possible if individuals become deeply mindful of themselves, deeply connected to who they really are. While this is not a new idea, and something that is an ongoing struggle for everyone, in my estimation it is *the* issue for world peace. For me, writing music, and working with people to perform music, are two of those points of deep mindfulness. Music allows us to be immediately present, awake, and aware. "Give Us This Day"...Give us this very moment of aware aliveness so that we can build a future in the face of a most dangerous and difficult time.

I chose the subtitle "Short Symphony for Wind Ensemble" because the music really isn't programmatic in nature. It has a full-blown symphonic character, even though there are only two movements. The music of the slower first movement is deeply searching, while that of the highly energized second movement is at times both joyful and sternly sober. The piece ends with a modal setting of the chorale melody Vater Unser in Himmelreich" ("Our Father in Heaven"), #110 from the 371 Four-Part Chorales by J.S. Bach.



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David Wacyk, Conductor 

Director of Instrumental Ensembles, Assistant Teaching Professor of Music, UMSL 

Ryan Lupka, Conductor

Director of Bands, Affton High School 

   Affton HS Concert Band


Liseli Akafekwa

Logan Fiedler

Miranda Herndon

Tammy Jackson

CC Roth



Mary Cooper

Denis Gralike

Makynzi Rhoads

Michelle Shaffer


Bass Clarinet

Eleanor Livengood


Alto Saxophone

Severin Eichelmann

Danil Gralike

Mason Mifflin

Aidan Snethen

Erik Uhrig

Tenor Saxophone

Peyton Averbeck


Baritone Saxophone

Irma Karasanovic



Ladarius Campbell

Milo Chandler

Christopher Hund

Joe Levinson


French Horn

Trystan Brown

Aiden Maue


Gavin DeClue

Storm Dill

Natalie Jobe

Anna Mikow

Conrad Salt

Skyler Stanley



Ildefonso Carreon



Nathan Duncan



Brendan Bute

Aron Cole

Miles DeWille

Issac Hudson

Wyatt Nehring

Jack Rahmoeller

Spencer Roudebush

Corban Varghese

  UMSL Wind Ensemble 



Katlynn Connor 

Pamela Hereneen

Anna Klein

Liah Kahn

Alissa Smith


Joy Floyd 

Mark Overton



Jacob Johnson

Dave Metzger 



Joey Brown

Sam Brown

Laurin Council 

Heather Decker

Kylee Hempel

Tyler Teague

Paul Smith

Sarah Thompson 

Bass Clarinet

Chris Hollingsworth 

Ashten Perigo


Alto Saxophone

Elizabeth Kusterer

Niel Ostercamp*

Baritone Saxophone

Alex Martin



Heidi Abbott

Tommy Ahl 

Tim Luft

Sara Mullins 


Krishaun Dotson-Orange (cornet)

Cristian Fudge

Brandon Kuras

Seth Peters

Joshua Veal

Chris Vasquez


Jamie Blaylock

Johnathan Daniels

Ben Ellis 

Ryan Scott

George Todd

Joshua Thompson 

Patrick Wilke


Doug Schaffer



Elizabeth Whitmore

Charles Wilkes 


Sadia Arif

Rick Breyer

Jacob Brewer

Eric Carranza 

Bailey Kayser

*UMSL Faculty


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